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Produits d'assurance pour particuliers

House insurance for private individuals

An extensive coverage that adapts to all your needs!

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Home Insurance Specifications

For tenants as well as homeowners, for a primary or secondary residence, a house or an apartment, MMA Home Insurance offers extensive coverage that fits all your needs. Discover the coverage included in the different formulas of housing insurance contracts, perform a customized simulation and get an online home insurance quote.


Home Insurance Guarantees

Our 3 multi-risk formulas Home Insurance include all:

The property liability insurance,
Fire insurance, broken real estate windows, water damage and natural disasters,
Housing assistance in the event of a disaster (relocation, babysitting, etc.).

With our simulation tool you will find the Home Insurance formula that suits you best, whether it is to insure your home or your apartment.

You can also extend the protection of your home with the additional guarantees offered in the insurance formulas n°2 or n°3:

Theft and vandalism inside and outside,
Glass breakage furniture,
Household electrical damage (1),
Relocation costs, transfer of children and animal care.

Examples of Rates Assurance Habitation MMA
Make a free online quote for your home insurance

To get a quotation proposal for your home and your needs, run an online quotation simulation. The table below lists for information a few examples of proposed rates according to the different housing formulas:
Monthly contribution including tax of the contract Habitation MMA (CG410) formula Mini Price, Essential and Comfort on 27/08/2018.

Type(Chap) of house insurance


Price / month

Mini-Price Home Insurance (Formula 1)From 8,57€From 8,39€From 5,66€
Essential Housing Insurance (Form 2)From 9,28€From 9,20€From 6,09€
Comfort Home Insurance (Formula 3)From 10,22€From 9,96€From 6,48€

The above rate has been calculated as an indication for a dwelling not equipped with a swimming pool, an installation producing electrical energy, a method of wood heating, Not having glass or translucent roofs or verandas, not having outbuildings:
*for a house with a bedroom, a living room and a desk (of which no room of more than 40 m²) whose total area is less than 110 m2.
**for an apartment with a bedroom, a living room and a desk (of which no room of more than 40 m²) situated on an intermediate floor with a total area of less than 90 m2.
***for an apartment with a single room of less than 40 m² situated on an intermediate floor with a total area of less than 90 m2.

Strengthen your home insurance

Our housing insurance includes several optional guarantees called “reinforcements” that allow you to insure your leisure equipment, your outdoors (garden, swimming pool, trees, etc.) or even benefit from the reinforcement of new value for your furniture

Here is the list of reinforcements offered by the home insurance MMA:

  • Reinforcement of climatic events (frost, hail, weight of snow or ice, mud, flooding outside natural disasters)
  • Reinforcement outdoor facilities (outdoor furniture, plants, removable pool...)
  • Flight reinforcement in all places of leisure equipment
  • Furniture reinforcement plus
  • Reinforcing value to nine furniture
  • Reinforcement of real estate and extensive services: plumbing and electrical breakdown, emergency lock, overconsumption of water...

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