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Car insurance for private individual

An extensive coverage that adapts to all your needs!

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Why choose this offer
Car insurance: choose the right formula for your needs

Discover our different auto formulas and choose the one that best suits your needs with our simulation tool:

  • At Le Tiers, an economic formula, for drivers who have an old car that no longer has much value.
  • Intermediate, an ideal formula for those who have a low-value automobile, but that serves every day. It includes protection against theft and breaking of ice.
  • All risks, a comprehensive insurance offer for valuable cars and that ensures you full coverage whether or not you are responsible for an accident.

Examples of rates Assurance Auto MMA

To obtain a quotation proposal that corresponds to your vehicle and your needs, run an online quotation simulation. The table below lists for information some examples of proposed tariffs according to the different auto formulas:
Monthly contribution inclusive of the Auto Access MMA (CG615) or the Auto MMA contract (CG614), Third party, intermediate and All risks formula on 29/01/2017.

Example of a driver with bonus of 50, over 25 years old, main driver alone, insured as continuous main driver for more than 3 years and no disaster in the last 3 years. Private use and journey home – work. Vehicle parked garage and box in Dinan. Less than 10,000 km.

Type of car insurance

price /Aygo

price /Qashqai
Third party insurance auto access MMAfrom 10,96€from 14,96€
Intermediate insurance auto access MMAfrom 11,96€from 16,96€
Insurance all risks auto access MMAfrom 15,96€from 22,78€
Third party insurance auto MMAfrom 13,25€from 18,15€
Intermediate insurance auto MMAfrom 15,78€from 22,81€
Insurance all risk auto MMAfrom 19,27€from 27,63€

* Toyota Aygo essence 3CV 1.0 VVTI X-play
** Nissan Qashqai gasoil 7CV All-mode-l 1.6 DCI 130 Acenta

Car Insurance Guarantees
What does the Auto MMA contract cover?

MMA Auto Insurance offers you coverage tailored to your needs:

The Civil Liability guarantee, the only mandatory guarantee to drive legally. It can take responsibility for damage caused to third parties in the event of a guarantee loss: persons, vehicles or goods.
Driver protection: if you are responsible for an accident and you are injured, you can receive compensation.
Assistance 24/7 and 7/7.
The All Accident Damage (only for All Hazards formulas) to be compensated regardless of your liability in a guaranteed accident or snag.

Two options (1) are available to you based on your needs:

  • Reinforcing compensation (2): you can benefit from a compensation of at least €1,500 until reimbursement, if the vehicle is less than 3 years old, at its purchase value, if it is destroyed or stolen. Or the expert value increased by 10% to its purchase value, if the vehicle is less than 1 year old and is destroyed or stolen.
  • Assistance reinforcement (3): breakdown assistance including troubleshooting throughout Europe and a replacement vehicle up to the duration specified in your Special Conditions.

During the simulation, you can also opt for one of our 6 kilometric packages to be insured as you ride with the possibility to postpone your undressed kilometres the following year or to adjust your contract in case of overrun, subject to reporting to MMA the anticipated mileage overrun. And even more, with the Auto MMA contract (CG614) you can even claim the refund of un-rolled kilometres (2)!

MMA All Risk Car Insurance
The auto formula that ensures you a very wide and quality protection

The MMA all-hazards car insurance allows you to benefit from complete protection to cope with unforeseen road accidents. MMA’s all-hazards offer includes all the guarantees that will be useful to you to keep your mind light and protect you regardless of your liability in the event of a guaranteed loss.

MMA Intermediate Car Insurance
Third Party Car Insurance with theft and breakage warranties in addition

Median Car Insurance MMA offers an intermediate solution between the third party auto insurance package and the all-hazards package.

It is particularly suitable for motorists who want third-party auto insurance with additional warranties such as ice breakage or theft…

Third Party Car Insurance MMA
Economic insurance

The formulas of the Third Party Car Insurance MMA offer an economical solution that meets your needs.

It is particularly suitable for drivers whose cars are old and of low value.

MMA Car Access Insurance
Car insurance at an attractive price with essential guarantees

From Auto Access to Third-Party to Auto Access All Risks, the Auto Access range allows you to ensure what you consider essential, while preserving your auto budget.
The advantages of MMA
Why choose MMA auto insurance?

Bonus preserved for good drivers,2nd insurance cost less each year, numerous tariff advantages negotiated with our partners, a customer area to benefit from services accessible 24/7… MMA has thought of everything to save your car budget and make your day easier.

MMA is also the guarantee of reliable insurance and immediate proximity to a network of General Agents throughout France.

With our simulation tool, you can find the most suitable insurance among those offered by MMA and get a quote online in a few minutes.

Our support is made in application of the conditions, limits, exclusions of guarantees and the amount of the deductibles that are specified in the General Conditions and Special Conditions of the contract Car Insurance MMA (CG614) and Auto Access Insurance (CG615).
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