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Guaranteed life insurance

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Life Accident Insurance MMA

MMA Life Insurance is a progressive formula adapted to your lifestyle and the characteristics of your family.

Anticipating the future

From the benign domestic accident to the big problem prohibiting the continuation of a professional activity, the MMA Life Accident Guarantee provides a range of benefits to ensure your future and that of those who are dear to you(1)(2).

For all accidents of private life, comprehensive assistance services:

- taking charge of the care of your children or the arrival of a loved one and his lodging,
- maintenance of your home by a housekeeper.

In the event of a disability…

- You are entitled to compensation up to 1 % of the invalidity, depending on the extent of the injury and the financial and moral consequences.
- We provide experts to advise you on the necessary equipment and facilities and we finance the adaptation of your home to a possible disability.

In the event of death…

You guarantee to your loved ones the payment of capital allowing them to cope.
You can count on MMA Assistance: repatriation, transport of a loved one…

With the Protection of Accidents of Life (PAV), you choose the amount of your compensation from 10% disability and in case of death.

(1) Under the conditions, limits and exclusions of guarantees laid down in the contract.
(2) Subscriber, spouse, children living at home and students are covered.

Protection adapted to everyone
Individual or Family Formula? With MMA, you can choose to take care of all the members of your home in the face of the risk of a life accident. Or you can choose an individual formula so that your loved ones are safe from the need if something happens to you.

And because our job is to support you as effectively as possible in all circumstances, we have enriched our Accident Insurance with optional guarantees:

school insurance, to protect your children in all their activities,
Driver protection to guarantee you and your family members compensation regardless of the vehicle and your level of responsibility,
Hunting insurance to protect you in the event of an accident (civil liability of the insured and the dogs, recourse and defense),
Hospitalization Support to provide an allowance of €50/day and help you to cope financially(1).

(1) If hospitalization is longer than 3 days and within 90 days.

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