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Produits d'assurance pour particuliers

Health insurance for private individuals

An extensive coverage that adapts to all your needs!
Plus d'informations

Plus d'informations

Mutuelle Santé MMA offers you effective coverage tailored to your needs.
It is available in different formulas to benefit from enhanced coverage on your biggest expenses.

For your routine care as well as for hospitalization, no hassle: you are covered effectively.

The formulas of our complementary health insurance fund dedicated to couples and singles, families, seniors or students, take into account your age and your family situation, to better optimize your health expenses.

You benefit in addition to the MMA expertise and its assistance service in case of a hard blow.

Your supplement Health at your disposal
The guarantees and services of the supplementary health insurance MMA:

Formulas Health Insurance MMA adapted to your health expenses,
GPS Health Consultants (1) to advise and guide you
An extensive network of partners MMA Santé (2) that offers you quality care at a lower price thanks to our negotiated pricing policy,
Discounts to insure your loved ones: 8% for 2 insured in the contract, 10% for 3 insured and 12% from 4 insured (3)
A customer area on mma.fr to track and manage all your health expenses.

To find out the price of your Mutuelle Santé MMA and discover the extent of our warranties, let us guide you through our simulation tool and get an online quote in a handful of minutes.

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